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Parking Lot Information
When arriving by car to drop off or pick up your child please expect that it will take at least 5 minutes to drop off and at least 10 minutes to pick up. Staff and parents are working hard to quickly and safely load and un-load children from cars and this process takes time. When you are in our parking lot I ask you to think about two rules.
Rule #1: Please be patient and kind!
Rule #2: Please drive very slowly!
That’s it. The rest of what is said here are recommendation to aid in the smooth functioning of the parking. As long as we follow the two rules above though, things will go great.

• Please pull forward and drop off in the drop off zone, especially if you have young children that will take longer to unload. This is the safest place to load and unload!
• If you choose to unload sooner, please follow the two rules above when exiting.

• If you are the first car to arrive for pickup, please begin the line at the second crosswalk, as shown below.
• Please avoid turning left from 24th into the parking lot for pick up.
• The safest place to load your kids is in the pick up zone.
• If you choose to load sooner, please follow the two rules above when exiting.